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On HiPi, you will be able to view a wide range of dynamic content. Watch all the videos you want on HiPi homepage.

HiPi videos can be viewed in the Feed section. This consists of 2 tabs - For You (default setting - contains all videos recommended for you, based on your viewing preference) and Following (contains all videos posted by users that you follow). You can switch between the 2 tabs.

To view HiPi videos, perform the following steps:
  1. Click Feed at the bottom of HiPi homepage.
  2. Keep scrolling to move to new videos.
  3. Click on either tab to switch between feeds.

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    • What is the difference between ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ on Hipi?

      The Feed section contains two tabs: For You (default) - contains all videos recommended for you, based on your viewing preference Following - contains all videos posted by users that you follow To explore content, perform the following steps: Keep ...
    • How to report inappropriate content?

      You can report any inappropriate content by following the below steps: Press and hold content which is to be reported. Select Report a video. Select the reason that best describes how the video goes against HiPi’s Community Standards for reporting. ...
    • What happens if I share my Hipi post to another social network?

      Since it is user-generated content, you are free to download or share your content, or anyone’s content, on other social networking sites. The people with whom you have shared will be able to view the content.
    • How do I unfollow someone on Hipi?

      To unfollow someone on Hipi, perform the following steps: Search for users/content from the Discover section on Hipi homepage. Visit the user’s profile page. Click Unfollow.
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    • Hipi Grievance Redressal

      Lodging of Grievance If you wish to register any complaint in respect of any audio visual content uploaded on Hipi, please register the complaint with our grievance officer Ms. Shrutika Saraswat at grievance@hipi.co.in , in the format mentioned ...
    • How do I delete my Hipi account?

      If you need to deactivate your Hipi account, perform the following steps: You can deactivate your Hipi account from the Me section. Click Settings at top right of the Me section. Select Hipi Preference. ​Click Deactivate Hipi Profile at bottom of the ...
    • Hipi-Privacy Policy

      We, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (“we”, “us”, “ZEEL”) value the trust placed in us by You and therefore, we follow the highest standards of privacy guidelines to protect the information shared by You with us.   This Privacy Policy (“Privacy ...
    • Is my Hipi account separate from my ZEE5 account?

      Hipi is now a separate app, no longer on the ZEE5 app. However, if you are registered on ZEE5, you can use the same login credentials to log on to Hipi. If you are not registered on ZEE5, you can register directly on the Hipi app. And then, you can ...
    • Trying to log in to my Hipi account / I forgot my password

      If you don’t remember your password, you'll need to reset your password using the Forgot Password option on the login page. You'll need to sign out of Hipi to see the login page.