Perform a Hipi action – Follow/Like/Comment/Mention/Check Views/Tag

Perform a Hipi action – Follow/Like/Comment/Mention/Check Views/Tag

Along with creating amazing Hipi videos, you can also – 

  1. Follow a particular user
  2. Like a video
  3. Comment on a video
  4. Mention a person in the video description
  5. Check views for the videos you’ve created
  6. Tag people in your post or video
Following/ Followers 

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      Welcome to Hipi. We provide you with access to a free to use, interactive platform Hipi (“Hipi”) which can be downloaded through your app store.   You can use Hipi  to create, share and view content and connect with other users (“Service”). These ...
    • How do I mention someone on Hipi?

      You can mention a person on Hipi in the video description while posting a video or while writing a comment on the video. A notification will be sent to the person mentioned. Tapping on the tagged person’s name will redirect to his user profile ...
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      We, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (“we”, “us”, “ZEEL”) value the trust placed in us by You and therefore, we follow the highest standards of privacy guidelines to protect the information shared by You with us.  This Privacy Policy (“Privacy ...
    • How do I find people I know to follow on Hipi?

      Perform the following steps to find people you know and want to follow on Hipi: Search users from the Discover section on Hipi homepage.  Click Discover. Click Search in this page. ​Type the name of the user you are looking for and press Enter.
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      Hipi is now a separate app, no longer on the ZEE5 app. However, if you are registered on ZEE5, you can use the same login credentials to log on to Hipi. If you are not registered on ZEE5, you can register directly on the Hipi app. And then, you can ...
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      If you need to deactivate your Hipi account, perform the following steps: You can deactivate your Hipi account from the Me section. Click Settings at top right of the Me section. Select Hipi Preference. ​Click Deactivate Hipi Profile at bottom of the ...
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    • Video is not playing

      Hipi videos are dependent on internet connectivity.   If the video is not playing, please check if you are connected to internet and your signal strength is strong to handle video streaming.